HOT-DRILL Drilling Fluid Systems

Case Studies - November 2016


When drilling hot wells an oil base drilling fluid systems is usually the only option for oil and gas reservoir drilling. On the other hand, for geothermal reservoir drilling, the oil based systems cannot be an option due to reservoir and reservoir characteristics. HOT-DRILL water based drilling fluid provided stability and performance in a very challenging environment.

Challenges and Problems:

* High bottomhole temperature

* Hole Stability. Long open hole section; about 2,300 m. 8 ½ in. drilling in 65 days

* High torque

Challenges and Solutions:

Flow-line temperature profile, started to increase from the beginning of the interval. Even though, there was a cooling unit operated, temperature kept increasing to 81 ºC at flow-line. Components of the HOT-DRILL system have an extended temperature stabilization with POLYTS-P.

To reduce filtration loss HOTTROL NP were used in addition to GEOBEN NT, REOPAC-LV and REOPACHV. The system has been shown to control API fluid loss for even deeper and hotter sections of the interval.

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